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Jobs and the Economy

Michigan’s economy took a big hit when the auto industry began shutting down automotive factories. However, Michiganders are resilient. We will rebuild Michigan's economy by investing in small businesses, technology, clean energy, and science and math education.

Civil Rights

Michigan women make on average less than 75 percent of what their male counterparts make. The median income of African American households is 60% the median income of non-Hispanic white households, the same gap that existed in 1975. Same sex couples are not allowed to marry and are therefore denied the economic and social benefits. Our legislature should work to end discrimination whether it is based on gender, race, age, sexual orientation or any other reason. I want to work to help the LGBT community gain the same rights as all members of our community,fight to reduce income disparities based on race, and fight for equal wages for women.

Reproductive Rights

The Michigan legislature in recent years has taken women's healthcare choices away from them. Women should be able to make planned decisions about starting a family. Decisions about women's healthcare and their bodies should be made by women.

Open Government

Government transparency is truly important. We pay our taxes and vote for legislators to represent our interests, so we deserve to know how they spend our public dollars. Information and communication should be readily available to the citizens for government to truly serve its citizens. Citizens need all the relevant information to hold their elected leaders accountable.

Retirement Security

Our senior citizens have worked for years to save money and plan for their retirement. Now that their working years are over, the legislature has forced changes to those planned retirements. By taxing their pensions our government is taking more than money, they're taking security away from a population who is least able to protect themselves.

Voting Rights

Although all Americans have the right to vote, not everyone has easy access to the voting booth. Our voting system is still hard on many populations, such as the elderly, disabled persons, hourly employees, and the young. Some voters in Flint waited as many as 4 hours to casts their votes in last year's general election, this is simply unacceptable. Voting is a right and should be easier and more accessible to the public.

Alternative Energy

Our dependence on foreign oil is not only expensive at the gas pump, but it steals money from our local and national economy. By investing in domestic oil and alternative energies we not only help our economy and our wallets, we can curb the pollution we release into our atmosphere. Making smart decisions can make our state more attractive to businesses that will not only create jobs but also lead our nation towards energy independence.