Elect Phil Phelps Democrat for State Representative
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Thank you for taking time to visit my website. It is truly important to me to communicate with each and every resident of the 49th House District.

While I put a great deal of thought into whether to run for State Representative, the decision in the end was an easy one. I have worked side by side with community leaders and residents for many many years, and have seen first-hand the difficulties our area has been dealt, but also the successes I believe can be emulated and bring us to a better economy and a better community.

I have been going door to door the past several months, and will continue to do so, talking to each of you about what changes you would like to see Lansing make.  One thing is certain, that we need new leadership and individuals with new ideas in the key decision making roles in our State Government.  

With your help, we will begin making those changes together.